Circle K Easy Rewards FAQ

Q: A customer did not get credit for a transaction (points or club credits) and would like them added, or they didn’t receive their reward after the criteria was met. What should they do?

A: The cashier or manager can take the receipt (or a copy) and the customer’s point status and call 1-855-276-6088 for adjustments or re-issuing of rewards. If there is an urgent need, Based on volume of calls it may take 24-48 hours before the customer may get a response.

Q: Can I just give the customer the number to call to get points added to their account? They need to provide their name, loyalty ID and phone number that they can be reached.

A: Customer can call the 1-855-276-6088.

Q: If the system is down for any reason (internet issues, etc.) will transactions be accounted for when the system comes back up?

A: Yes, if the system is not communicating with ONI's main office, all transactions will be stored and forwarded at the end of the day after communication is restored, and points/club credits will be issued at that time.

Q: A customer lost their tag and got a replacement. The tag was merged so that their registration information and points were added to the new tag. They then found their old tag and began to use it again. Why doesn’t it have their information?

A: When a tag/card is merged, the new tag/card takes on the identity of the old tag/card, and the old tag’s identity is erased. If the old tag/card is used again, it will behave as if it is the first time it was ever seen. Once a tag/card is merged the customer should only use the new tag.

Q: Can family members share a keytag/card or have multiple keytag/cards assigned to the same loyalty account?

A: No, each individual should have their own keytag/card. For liability reasons, tobacco, lottery and alcohol rewards, sweepstakes, etc. need to be linked to the person who legally made the qualifying purchases.

Q: How can I merge my Easy Pay, Easy Rewards cards or my key tag?

A: Download the Circle K APP.  Go to “Settings”.   Under settings see “Rewards Account”.  There you can merge your cards and tags or create a mobile ID.   Or you can go to and merge your cards and tags online.