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Customer using Circle K fleet card at fuel pump

Fuel Card guides

Practical solutions and industry guides for efficient fleet operations

Customer uses his fleet card at Circle K station

How to make your business fueling easier

Explore how various fleet card solutions can protect your business, reduce administrative costs, and deliver fuel management benefits with this report for fleet managers.

Truck driver choosing fuel type from Circle K Pro pump

Steps to save time and money on fleet admin

In this report, you will dive into the early indicators of fraud, proactive measures your business can take, and get a better understand of how to select the right fueling partner.

Truck driver fueling at Circle K station

Four ways to lower your total business fuel spend

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is your compass for optimizing your fleet and expenses. In this report, you will explore how to effectively optimize your TCO by overseeing fuel expenditures.

Fleet driver fueling van at Circle K station

Calculate Your Savings with Circle K

Take the first steps towards reducing costs with the Circle K Fleet Savings Calculator

Connect with our mobility experts

Chat with a team that understands fleets with local and regional needs.

Driver selecting fuel type at Circle K station

Steps to Save Time and Money on Fleet Admin

Customer service worker helping fleet card customer on phone

Four Ways to Lower Your Total Business Fuel Spend

Man using fleet card at fuel pump

How to Make Your Business Fueling Easier