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Driver using Circle K app on his phone at a gas station

Why choose Circle K pro?

More than simply a fuel card. Tailored products and services to cut mobility costs.

More than simply a fuel card

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Strong network

With one of the largest networks in America, Circle K Pro fleet card customers save on every gallon at our 6,000 locations across the country.

Wide acceptance

For businesses that need access throughout the country, the Circle K Pro Universal Fleet card uses the WEX network for broad acceptance at 95% of fuel retailers.

Always on-route

Our fully serviced Circle K store locations are conveniently located on major travel routes and destination hubs, which reduces detours and makes your drivers’ routes easier.

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Cards & Services

Card benefits

Save on every gallon. No monthly or annual card fees with the Circle K Pro Fleet card. It’s our way of saying thanks for choosing us!

Track purchases

Keep track of your fleet card purchases. Access your online account anytime to see who spends what, when, and where.

Advanced reporting

Receive regular custom reports tailored to your business needs with advanced analytics to optimize your operations.

Driver using circle K app at circle k station


Quality fuel guarantee

Our fuel is of high-grade quality that meets all EPA standards.

Premium fuel option

Fuel with double the cleaning detergents, meaning lower vehicle emissions and less maintenance for optimal engine performance.

Carwash for business

Available at select Circle K locations across the country. A fast and easy, high-quality wash keeps your fleet of vehicles clean and shiny on the road.

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Fraud protection

Know which driver is buying what, where, and when with Circle K Pro fuel cards for business.

Unique Driver ID

Drivers are required to use a PIN with every purchase to protect your business against lost or stolen cards and fraudulent charges.

Control spending

Easily set spending limits based on product type, time, gallons, and more – whatever works best for your business.

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Easy visits

One-stop shop

Drivers can count on Circle K locations across the country to provide fuel, food, and beverages.

Great convenience offers

A wide selection of in-store food and refreshing beverages to choose from. Circle K makes it easy for your drivers to refuel so they are ready for the journey ahead.

Truck friendly

Available at select Circle K locations across the country. Find high speed fueling, dedicated pumps for trucks, and great convenience makes it easy for drivers of large vehicles.

Customer service worker helping customer on phone

Mobility Experts

Support when needed

Our dedicated customer experience support team is available to help when you need it. Whether it is at the pump or in the office, you can count on us!

Helpful mobility experts

Our team of experienced mobility professionals understands your specific business needs. We partner with you to reduce your total mobility costs and help you save more on every gallon.

Save time and money, whichever card you choose.

Whether your business operates in an area with local Circle K stores, or your fleet travels across the country, you will save on every gallon with Circle K Pro business fuel card.

Circle K Pro Fleet card

CK Pro Fleet card

Maximize savings when you fuel up at Circle K.

Circle K Pro Universal Fleet card

CK Pro Universal Fleet card

Accepted at 95% of fuel retailers across the country

Where does your fleet operate?

Whether your team travels in town or across the country, the Circle K Pro network has a tailored business gas card solution to suit your needs

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Local Fleet


For businesses that operate in an area with Circle K store locations in town. Save more at our store locations and get the fuel card that best supports your fleet of vehicles along their daily route.

Long haul truck driver reaches for Circle K drink

Cross Country Fleet


For businesses that travel across the United States, possibly outside an area with Circle K store locations. Select the business fuel card that is accepted at 95% of all fuel retailers.