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the evolution made easy

Circle K has everything you need to make it easy for you to charge your car and your journey.

Circle K Makes EV Charging Easy

  • Refill your energy while you charge you car with our large and varied offer of fresh food, beverages and snacks
  • Convenient – Fast charging, great locations
  • Safe – With long hours and lit parking lots, Circle K is a safe place to charge
  • Amenities – Open 24/7, free WiFi, clean restrooms
Circle K Charge app

An Easy EV Charging Experience At Your Fingertips

  • Download the Circle K Charge app and sign up for the best pricing
  • Start a charge on your app with a quick swipe
  • Find the nearest Circle K electric vehicle charging stations
  • Check real-time availability of EV chargers
  • Manage your account and update payment information
It's easy

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You can easily sign up, manage your account and update your payment information on our web portal.

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Got questions?

  • Where can I find Circle K's EV charging stations?

    An interactive map of Circle K’s charging stations can be found in our mobile app or web portal. This map includes real-time status and availability in addition to pricing and locations

  • How do I become a EV charging customer at Circle K?

    To register as a customer, download the Circle K Charge app or follow the link above to our web portal and follow the instructions. You need to provide your name, phone number, e-mail address, and address.

    While charging is free as an introductory offer, for both the app and the connection to the chargers to work, you must have a fully registered account. As long as the app lists the station you would like to activate as “FREE”, charging costs nothing.

  • How do I use a fast charger?

    Charging an EV with a fast charger is easy, and in many ways like pumping fuel or plugging in at home.

    There are a few steps:

    1. Select the appropriate charging cable for your vehicle and plug in.

    2. Activate charging via the Circle K Charge mobile app, one time payment or contactless payment.

    3. Relax and recharge with fresh food and beverages while your car recharges.

    Once you’re done recharging, do the following:

    1. Stop charging using the Circle K Charge app, the on-screen menu of the charger or in your vehicle.

    2. Unplug your vehicle and place the cable back in the holster for the next user.

    There are instructions on all our chargers, but if you are still unsure about how to start or stop charging, you can contact customer service at 833-505-2291


  • What does fast EV charging cost?

    As an introductory offer, charging on Circle K Charge stations is free, however, the Circle K Charge app is needed to start and stop charging.

    The Circle K Charge mobile app and web portal display real-time pricing, locations, and availability. Like filling with gas or diesel, the total price varies depending on your vehicle.

  • How do I pay for fast EV charging?

    As an introductory offer, charging on Circle K Charge stations is free, however, the Circle K Charge app is needed to start and stop charging.

  • Can my car charge at Circle K's fast EV charging stations?

    Circle K Charge stations support the most common open-standard fast charging (DCFC) standards in North America – CCS and CHAdeMO.

    Most vehicles today use the CCS standard, including Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Lucid, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Polestar, Porsche, Rivian, Volkswagen, Volvo and others.

    CHAdeMO can be found most commonly on the Nissan Leaf.

    Tesla vehicles in North America use a proprietary connector, but Circle K Charge stations can be used with a customer-supplied adapter.

  • How fast is fast EV charging compared to normal EV charging?

    Fast charging can be more than 20 times faster than charging at home, but the charging power you receive is determined by your vehicle.

    Different vehicles have different charging capabilities, but in general, the fastest charging is achieved with a battery below 50% and warm ambient temperatures. As your state of charge (battery %) increases, it is normal for the charge rate (kW) to decrease.

    Circle K Charge stations have been selected to satisfy the maximum charging speeds for a large variety of vehicles on the market today and coming soon.

  • How do I report errors or problems to a EV charging station?

    If you’re having trouble charging or need help right now, please call our customer support team at 833-505-2291.