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Come visit us to sign up for your monthly beverage subscription, Sip & Save!

Enjoy the beverage of your choice every day for just $5.99 a month (30 days).
This includes beverages such as hot and iced Coffee, Polar Pop, Froster and Iced Tea.
Any size cup, including refills up to 64 oz., one redemption per day.

How do I sign up?
Simply go to a participating Circle K store, enter your mobile number at checkout, and enjoy your free beverage!

What does the subscription include? The Sip & Save Beverage Subscription includes all dispensed beverages: Hot and Iced Coffee, Froster, Polar Pop, and Iced Tea. Beverages are redeemable for any size cup, including refills up to 64 oz. Subscribers may redeem one (1) beverage per day for the duration of 30-day subscription.

Time period of Redemption? Your subscription is good for 30 days. The computer resets from midnight to midnight. You will have the ability to redeem 1 beverage in one 24-hour period for 30 days.

Will I be notified with how many days I have remaining in my subscription? Whenever you redeem your daily beverage, the display screen will show the number of days remaining before your subscription expires. Once you are within 7 days of subscription expiring, you will be prompted to renew.

Is Sip & Save available in all states? At this time, the Sip & Save beverage subscription has been launched across the U.S. and is available at participating Circle K stores near you.