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We carry beverages fit for energizing, satisfying, warming up, cooling down or just plain quenching your thirst.

We’ve got your food solutions, too - whether it’s for on-the-go, at work or anywhere in-between… treat time, lunch time, anytime! We’ll supply the everyday necessities for your fridge, your family, your first aid kit or your traveling tool box. Fuel up, oil up and tidy up your car. One stop at Circle K and you’re ready to take on your day. No matter why you’re stopping or who you’re with, just come as you are…we’ll be here ready and waiting for you!

Simply Great Coffee

Simply Great Coffee

Enjoy a great cup of freshly brewed coffee, anytime, day… or night. We offer a variety of unique flavours, as well as tea, hot chocolate and other warm, comforting drinks. And with the Circle K loyalty card, your fifth coffee is free. Ask for yours at the counter today!

Roller grill, hamburger, hot dog

Roller Grill

We set the standard for delicious snacks and meals on the go. From hot dogs and fast-food to sandwiches and other healthy options, we got your hunger covered.

froster rainbow cup


People of all ages love this slush, and it’s always just as refreshing as the first time you tasted it. What’s this summer’s original flavour? Drop by and see when the weather gets warm.

Polar Pop cup

Get your Polar Pop at Circle K! Chill out and quench your thirst with a great value and a cup that ‘stays cold longer’. We’ll even give you a choice of crushed or cubed ice (or both) available at many locations. Do you love Polar Pop? Connect with us on Facebook here.

Homestyle Goodness

We recently launched Homestyle Goodness meals, a wide selection of fresh products prepared in our kitchens, available in Circle K stores all around the Atlantic Provinces. Delivered fresh every two days, our sandwiches and pastries are cooked with care and we are particularly proud of their good taste and exceptional quality. It is a practical and healthy alternative for our customers who need to eat on the go.

baked fresh daily

Baked Fresh Daily

Our Favourites


Have you tried Favourites? It's YOUR brand for quality and value in the everyday things you need. Whether it's just getting through the day or making it extra sweet, you'll find everything from bagged candy to nuts, seeds and trail mix...from water to 2 liter pops. Your Favourites are ready and waiting for you, exclusively at Circle K!

Car Wash

Car Wash

Circle K presents choice of safe touch or touch free to our customers.