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We’re spilling the beans on our Circle K Coffee

Make your next cup of coffee as fresh as it gets when you come into Circle K. Every cup is now freshly ground for you from quality whole beans. Choose your favorite from a variety of blends and flavors, make it hot or ice cold, and dress it up any way you like.

From bean to brewed-and-in-your-hands in under a minute!

Coffee that does good.

Our Raíz sustainably sourced reserve coffee doesn’t just taste good – it does good. Raíz offers a unique inclusive approach to small and medium sized farmers. It delivers immediate impact, providing a continuous path toward long-term sustainability through measurable improvement over time.

In choosing our coffee blends you are helping to support a brighter future for farmers and their communities through better social, economic and environmental practices – from enhancing soil health and improving water management to teaching forest conservation.