To our customers,

As CEO, one of my most important jobs is to protect and strengthen our culture at Circle K. Our culture is defined by all of us who work here and how we interact with each other and our customers every day. I am proud to write that we have come up with one way of seeing and understanding what our culture looks like in our daily lives, which is by creating and promoting the values we live by.

Over 41 years ago, our company was founded in a single store in Laval, Canada with a certain set of guiding values, which have shaped us through the years. As we continue to become a bigger global company, we want to be able to verbalize and share those values in order to continue growing together. I believe the four values that we have defined perfectly capture our culture and our aspirations of who we want to be for decades into the future.

Here are the values we live by:

An icon showing three people standing side-by-side.

One Team

We work together to make it easier for our customers and colleagues. We stay humble and celebrate shared successes. We have fun and care for each other.

An icon of two hands shaking.

Do the Right Thing

We act with honesty & integrity. We are inclusive; we treat each other, our customers, and our suppliers with respect. We strive towards a cleaner, safer, equitable workplace and planet.

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Take Ownership

We treat our business as our own. We seek out problems, act quickly to solve them, and deliver better results. We take responsibility, and when we make mistakes, we learn from them.

An icon of a medal.

Play To Win

We challenge ourselves to play offense, not defense, which means we need to be quick and innovative. We show up every day ready and committed to make an impact using our talents, passion, and hard work.

I have asked all our team members to engage with these values and share them with our customers and communities. Don’t be surprised if you see us wearing our values on our shirts and proudly showing off recognition badges for upholding individual values. I am also asking you, our customers, to help us in our journey by letting us know if we are living by our values and fulfilling our mission of making our customers’ lives a little easier every day.